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Headache Help

Hi Friends, I am so glad you're here! Just a bit about me,
I have been experiencing headaches, migraines (cluster, episodic, ice pick, thunderclap, aura, etc), and neck pain since I was 8 years old (now 33!). The doctors have no clue what it could be. I've done all kinds of therapies, treatments, scans, and medications and have not yet found permanent relief. I do have some things that make life a bit easier and want to share them with as many of those who are suffering the same! 

I want to be as transparent as possible and share that I do receive a little commission from these links which will go right back into trying new remedies!

Do you have any remedies that help? Feel free to reach out to me via Instagram as I would love to hear from you! 

Thank you so much for visiting my little store!

Some years ago I saw a chiropractor who was treating me after an accident I was in. He recommended this pillow and I have never looked back! I can't sleep without it and even though I still have neck pain, it is so much better using this!

Because it can be hard to travel with the cervical pillow, the cervical neck travel pillow is a must-have! It will help ease neck pain and headaches and will help you feel fresh and ready to tackle the day with less pain which can be absolutely exhausting!

It might look kinda funny but! Whenever you are having a massive migraine attack, whip this puppy out. You might feel exhausted because of the attack and this will help to relax your muscles and give your neck a stretch.
I always end up falling asleep which usually elevates the massive attack.

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