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The Rise of Streaming Fatigue: Is Binge-Watching Burning Us Out?

Shower thought of the day: Are we pressing the exhaustion button?

Ah, the simple life -- flip phones, physical CDs, VHS and the allure of minimal distraction.

Now-a-days I feel like I get streaming fatigue! Having this gigantic buffet of shows, movies, and even music, sometimes you miss "the old days"! Think back to the early 2000s when cable TV was all the rage. Remember the thrill of randomly stumbling upon your favorite show while flipping channels? There was something special about the shared excitement of 'Live TV'—tuning in together, experiencing moments as they happened.

In this world of endless streaming, do you ever find yourself longing for that spontaneous Live TV buzz? Do you think there's a chance for the classic cable experience to stage a comeback in our on-demand era?


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